The Continental Divide: Europe Vs. U.S.

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What Risks Lie Ahead for Europe?

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How Will Italy Affect the Markets?

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The T-Report: Currency Skirmishes

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It’s Skirmish So Far, not a War So much talk about “currency wars” and so much wasted space. The G-7 is now telling us there is no such thing as a currency “war”. Each country is just following its own domestic policies. The check is in the mail. What is going on? …….. Show me […]

The T-Report: The Fed Hires the Hunt Brothers

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Treasury Ownership We sent this out on Friday, but think it is worth a closer look. The breakout of who owns what treasuries is important and a good indicator of Fed policy and worth considering on any longer term treasury trades. Please go to tfmkts website to read the full article or for Bloomberg users, […]

The T-Report: Going for 2

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Go For 2 Since I sent out the Stepford Wives T-Report on Saturday and the Weekly Fixed Income ETF Review and Outlook on Sunday I don’t have much new to add. I will point out that Spain and Italy are leading us wider and lower and that was something the market deliberately chose to ignore […]

Weekly Fixed Income ETF Summary & Outlook

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Dr. Bernankenstein Insist the Experiment Will Continue The Fed re-iterated its commitment to purchasing $85 billion a month of mortgages and treasuries until the job market improves. So far, all that is clear, is that the Fed is pushing investors into risky assets and is at the risk of turning investors into a bunch of […]

The Paradox of CDS

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CDS is both Cheap and Dangerous… When looking across the credit space, CDS looks cheap. Looking at the CDX index it is hard to argue that 92 bps is “rich”. Sure, over the past few years that seems expensive, but it has been much tighter. I am still scarred by the days when the 5×10 […]