The T-Report: Seasons in the Sun

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We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun….

If there was ever a one hit wonder album that deserved to be set on fire in center field at yankee stadium, than this song is it.

But like the wine and the song, the T-Report is gone.

Well not gone, but we have to focus on our clients, so it will not be sent out in the existing format with the same degree of frequency. There will be a transition phase, but ultimately we will have something geared for institutional clients and something else geared towards smaller institutions and RIA’s.

It has been great fun and a privilege sharing our thoughts and views and we will continue to do so, but in a different way, as we have to focus on our clients and our growing advisory and asset management business.

Thanks again, and I look forward to continuing to interact with you, and hope that in many cases, you will join our growing list of clients.

In terms of market view, we are switching from small bearish to medium bearish. I am not sure that we are at the end of this particular rally, but the market seems overbought, and too few of the reasons for this rally have anything to do with improved economies or earnings.




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