Who is Greece Scheduled to Pay?

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This is our best estimate of Greek Principal and Interest payments currently scheduled. We did not include T-bills, so the total debt included in the calculations was €272 billion.

The loans had the least amount of information, but the one loan was quarterly at Euribor + 300 stepping up to 400 after 2013. The other loan was SDR’s +200. The longerl loans were assumed to match the coupons on the PSI bonds (2% for now).

The program clearly calls for Greece to borrow more money from the Troika, so the payouts would change, but as of today this is a pretty good approximation from bloomberg data of where Greek bond payments are scheduled to go.

It is frightening, in my opinion, that no matter what Greece does to the PSI holders, it has almost no impact in the next 5 years.

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