(BN) IIF’s Dallara Says Greek Deal Is `Solid’ for Investors

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At least he admits the bailout is for “investors” and not for Greece.  Although the IMF report seems extremely optimistic, with a primary deficit of only 2.4 billion in 2011, and allegedly only 1 billion this year, really makes you wonder why not just be a lot tougher on bond holders?  At the same time, with such fear of “default” and the somewhat bizarre desire to have it all “voluntary” makes it seem worthwhile to hold out and see what happens.




IIF’s Dallara Says Greek Deal Is `Solid’ for Investors (Video)
2012-02-21 10:43:47.48 GMT


     Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) — Charles Dallara, managing director
of the International Institute of Finance, speaks at a news
conference in Brussels after Greece reached an agreement with
its private creditors to secure the biggest sovereign
restructuring in history.
     Jean Lemierre, senior adviser to the chairman of BNP
Paribas SA, Yannis Manuelides, partner at Allen & Overy LLP, and
Hung Tran, deputy managing director of the IIF, also speak.
(Source: APTN)


00:00 Dallara: swap deal is “solid” for investors”
05:43 Dallara: avoiding default; tribute to leaders
08:55 Lemierre: Greece; voluntary participation
13:33 Panelists respond to questions.
22:01 Dallara: Troika’s GDP forecast is “negative”
35:19 Dallara, Lemierre: tax; participation rate
39:26 Dallara: steps taken help boost confidence


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