Is It Proper Etiquette To Break Up With An SMS?

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I guess I shouldn’t be thinking about break-ups on Valentine’s day – that hallmark of Hallmark holidays – but with the EU switching from a summit to a conference call they are either finally worried about the money spent on all these summits (doubtful) or are trying to figure out a way of saying no without having to face the person (likely).

Dear George, it’s me not you but I hope we can still be friends, Angela

It is less likely to cause a scene than even telling Greece no more money over the phone, and has the added benefit that you could mass text it to a lot of the Greek leaders and not even need to change the name.

Either that or someone in the EU finally googled IIF and is too embarrassed to show their face after realizing they have had a bank lobby group negotiating PSI for the past 8 months.