So 200 Was Pretty Much Priced In?

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So it looks like 200 was pretty much what the market had priced in.  It felt like the market had priced in a pretty nice number, and I thought it would take more than 200k to get a serious, lasting, pop in risk assets, but this muted reaction is pretty surprising.  The bulls have a real excuse to take the market higher and haven’t.

As eyes can focus on yields in Europe and which bank is going to have to dilute its shareholders, and what downgrades are going to be announced, I think we will slide back down.

The White house denied they were going to do a big mortgage deal, and QEX in January just got even less likely.

Last month’s number was revised down to 100k.  I find that number interesting.  Not the economic impact, but the fact that this month had 200k and last month had 100k just seems a little odd.  Such perfectly round numbers seem unlikely to occur naturally, but I guess it could happen.